Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator & Family-Centered Care in the Ambulance

Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Program (PECC)

The PECC program designates an individual or group to coordinate pediatric education and readiness activities at the EMS agency and hospital emergency department level. Visit for more detailed information on how to implement a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator in your EMS agency

Family Centered Care in the Ambulance

Family presence during medical treatment, otherwise known as family-centered care, has been a growing national initiative. For prehospital medical providers, national level publication promote the inclusion of a patient’s family during EMS treatment and transport. The benefits of family-centered care are evidence-based and far reaching.

The Pennsylvania EMS for Children Program strongly believes that family presence during medical treatment benefits everyone, including patients, their families, and healthcare providers, by reducing medical errors and increasing patient satisfaction.

EMS for Children Policy Statement

NAEMT/EMSC Guidelines

Sample Guideline for EMS agencies